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Never Step Backward In Your Career

Published / by Rhode Bermudez

Why it is only me?

Why I am not recognized?

Why I don’t get the rewards?

If you are a person who feels all down about your professional life and still if you are complaining yourself because you did not receive any of the rewards throughout your professional life, this is something that you really need to pay attention.

Most of us are so frustrated about our own working life. The word career has become a burden but not a rewarding commitment anymore. Therefore, most of us are feeling really frustrated about our own working life. The main reason behind that would be lack of recognition and rewarding. When we do a certain task we expect an outcome for that. But when it comes to your official life, you need something more than the monthly salary, the recognition, reputation and other rewards in your career.

If you are feeling all down and helpless in your career for not getting the recognition, reputation and the desired outcomes, there is something really wrong in somewhere down the line.
For you to obtain the recognition in your career life, from employer’s perspective, they also look forward for something bit more special in you. What have you done for yourself so far? Is really vital to note in this investigation. Legal CPD courses are fundamental to make achieve the success in your career.

CPD is laying you a new pathway where you did not notice before. This will help you to clear the downgrades in your career and lift you up among the rest.

In your career you surely need to evaluate your own progress. If you are a person who is looking forward to see your success, you have to make a note about your own self and goals.

Especially being frustrated and stressing you cannot help you to be there you want. For that you need totally dedication. Manage your time. And never limit yourself in achieving the best in whatever the field you are. If you put restrictions for your own self you are surely creating boundaries around you which will not help you to make yourself any better. Sometimes, for your life, you need thinking about your own self and your personal development. For you to be recognized in front of your employer, you surely need to show your exposure and capacity. That comes out from your true sacrifices and what do you really do to make yourself there.

For a rewarding career only dreaming cannot help you out any given time. For that you need to pay detailed attention upon your true sacrifices and dedication.

Venturing On The Path Of Landing A Job In The Graphics Sector

Published / by Rhode Bermudez

Becoming employed in this age and time is one of the highest accomplishments you can get as you add up the years. You need to wait for months and then some to actually get called for a second interview and that is if you are participating in the race for getting as many educational/ technical trophies as possible. In any sector, the requirement is to show off your skills (how many you may have) in the right way. In the graphics sectors, this is emphasized even more so; you get points for being creative and original and being colorful with your work.

Have your own network

You cannot land a job if you do not have the right kind of people seeing your work. Even though Facebook, twitter and a vlog can help you get followers, it will never actually get you a job. Register in a professional networking site (specifically for job offering parties and job seeking parties) like LinkedIn and you will have a chance to showcase your work and have it show up in the feeds of people who will be interested. When making your profile do not do it partially and sloppily. Your future boss will be looking at your profile and unless you make a powerful first impression, you will not get anything. Put only completed works and only put works in progress if they have a reputation. If your social media sites are clean then you can show them in the LinkedIn profile; but only if they are clean. While you are attend one of the top design schools in HK, get acquainted with professors and lecturers and add up to your network.

Have your own toolkit/ website or a work place on the internet

Virtual world is something that has the potential to turn into anything; take advantage of that. Do not do a regular website or an everyday blog of your work. Let your imagination go wild and build your toolkit of works and create a portfolio of everything that you want to show to someone to impress. If you are currently attend a school of design, then you will most likely see that people do not go around with the traditional piece of paper calling it a resume. If you want a job in the world of creativity where the most wild and trendy works lead the race, then you would need something innovative to even leave a mark; and Microsoft Word is not that innovative idea.

Always go for the visuals and make sure that it is eye catching in anyway possible (but not too extreme as that will get police on your doorstep). Always be true to your style and try not to something new just for the sake of getting into a workplace, because you will have to keep up with that style to keep the job. Take every opportunity to showcase your work and get feedback.

Great Concepts To Be Used For Teaching Older Children

Published / by Rhode Bermudez

There are many great concepts you must consider when trying to teach older children. It can become increasingly difficult overtime if you do not have a plan in mind. Older children are also less likely to be interested in what you have to say. You will have to study new techniques to teach certain topics and theories. Here are some concepts to be used for teaching older children:


You must ask your children to write certain essays which will convey a story which appeals to them. You must make sure that you list the points which they have to cover. This will enhance his or her writing skills as well as responses. This will help them learn Cantonese a lot faster than you have anticipated.


You will have to use different reinforcements to make sure that your students do stay focused in the classroom. If someone finishes a reading task then you must offer him or her some candy as well as chocolates. This will encourage them totheir homework. The different reinforcements you use can make your students more motivated. Make sure you use the positive ones. 


You must try to use puzzles as well as games to make your teaching better. Certain topics will be rather difficult for your students to comprehend quickly so you will have to use different tactics to make them well known. Make sure that you do go on the internet and look for certain examples which will make it easier to learn Chinese in the long run.


It is important that you include your own first hand experiences with the task. There are certain questions which you will have to ponder on to help your students understand theories a lot better. Remember that you must ask the students for their feedback if you are thinking about a better way you can teach. You must not forget that teaching a subject takes time and effort so you must be ready for the process well ahead.

Remember that you must think about how you can improve their vocabulary. You will have to think about how you must organize the data for the lesson plan ahead. Ask your friends, colleagues and family members for support if you can’t do it on your own. You can even look ask other teachers for their first hand experiences. Do not forget to take the necessary research. This will help you become an efficient teacher.